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What are our services and how can we help you?

Advice on real estate buying and selling

In the age of digitalization, social media and internet marketing, the real estate consultant could have disappeared and yet his role has never been more important. Since human contact is essential, there is no substitute for it when it comes to buying or selling a home.

The success of a real estate transaction is not due solely to the item for sale or the price. A multitude of factors (technical and human) must be taken into account to lead to a sale.

We have set up tailor-made services for our customers with our Immo-base and Immo-Premium mandates so that they can have access to services adapted to their needs.

Our goal is that the purchase or sale of real estate becomes a success for all stakeholders!

Expertise of your property

We offer you a free estimate of your property using CIFI data, referenced by the largest Swiss banks, allowing us to define the selling price of your object taking into account the average price and transactions carried out in your region ( canton and municipality), as well as the overall market trend, the prices that have been validated by banking establishments, the announcements of other items for sale in the same range, and any modifications and / or work carried out in recent years as well as the general condition of your building.

There is no need to overestimate a property and offer a lot of downside negotiation room in order to create a feeling of "the right deal" to the end customer. This will greatly reduce your chances of having a sufficient number of customers interested and ready to make an offer.

A fair estimate of your property represents more than 50% of sales opportunitie

Real estate promotion

In collaboration with several general construction companies, architects and real estate developers, we specialize in off-plan sales for real estate promotions.

We support potential buyers in the various procedures with the developer-builder, from the general contract of business through the construction loan, the choice of different materials and finishes, until the handing over of the keys.

Entrust us with your promotions and we will offer your customers comprehensive and tailor-made support.

Mortgage financing

Our IAF Graduate Financial Advisor is a mortgage financing specialist with more than 15 years of experience in supporting clients in financial procedures for their real estate projects. Registered in the FINMA register of intermediaries, it has everything you need to benefit from the best market conditions for your credit according to your personal situation.

Thanks to a multitude of banking or insurance partners, he will accompany you in all the steps such as the creation of the presentation file for the bank, the contacts with the various provident institutions, the negotiation of the credit conditions and the support with the bank and the notary.

Do not hesitate to download the checklist and contact +41 79 101 40 71 to analyze your credit capacity.